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 Creative Content, UX / UI Design, Software Development
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Digital Marketing for Furniture & Decoration Industry

Consumers use digital channels while making decisions at shopping
How about your brand? Is it ready to sell?


Logo Copy
Say Hi to
Our New Startup!

Van Gog is the best social way to explore new sounds!
Share your best songs at your location and meet your musical soulmate
while you are exploring new sounds.


Experimental Redesign Project

If brands lost weight, how would they look?

In this project, we redesigned the most famous brands’ logos. “Lost Weight” means reducing logo’s line weight to make them appear slim and modern.

We designed this series, to show the importance of line thickness. The project is still work in progress. We will keep you informed 🙂


Web Design / Development

A Healthy Web Page for A Healthy Company

Fropie is a Turkish brand which produces healthy and delicious kephir (kefir) products. For example Drinks, yogurt and quark cheese that made of kephir. We have designed and developed eye-catching, strong communicated and illuminated web site for Fropie Kefir

Logo Design Projects

We can design an effective brand logo for your company!

Advertising Design

Visual Artwork for O2 and War Child Brit’s Week Online Campaign

Every year thousands of children around the world get caught up in war, becoming innocent victims. The charity War Child has set out to protect, educate and stand up for their rights, and every year they host a week of music events in London together with telecommunications brand O2, to raise awareness and funds, as part of BRIT’s Week and the campaign #WearItForWarChild.

See more details!

Award Winner Design

Multimedia Artwork

Mercedes-Benz is a well-known worldwide premium car brand with a wide product portfolio – from compact to luxury vehicles.
And the variety continues to grow, in the coming years, Mercedes-Benz will expand and renew its range of vehicles in all segments.

They are inches away from reaching the one-millionth fan to follow them on their German Facebook page. So to celebrate…


Food & Drink Menu Design

Bistro & Lounge
" Good Food Good Mood! "

Side Project

Tolky's Way Music Project
World sounds meet with moments!

Photo Artists + Music Artists

This is the side project that I have been working for 2 years. The Project aims to reveal different musical cultures and photography artist. I am researching historical books, local music halls, underground music artists, and groups. I create a video concept for this project I have an audio spectrum and world map. Animated graphics tell us the musician and photographer location. Also, the project has a youtube channel. I am still working on this project and developing day by day.  “No rules on the way, just music!”


Instagram Video Content

Give an Impulse for
“Elturco Digital”

Bad news! Another digital agency in Istanbul went bankrupt. It’s Elturco Digital which was launched by Tunç Topçuoğlu. We are so sad with this news. Elturco is one of the best creative content agency in Turkey. I design a video post for Elturco Digital to show that we have not forgotten it. You can give impulses whenever you want. Elturco is going to be the legend!

In these days Tunc decided to be a YouTuber. He is recording amazing videos.

You can check the channel here

Vector Art

Patterns of Istanbul
Grand Bazaar / Kapalı Çarşı

I am researching oriental patterns in Istanbul. This historical pattern is on the ceiling of the Grand Bazaar.

The original color version is on the top left corner. The other 3 versions are my designs in different colors. I hope you’ll like them. Loves!