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Dirty Connection – “My dirty cat, don’t be shy!”

Moxy Times Square Hotel NewYork

Moxy Times Square invites all creatives from around the world to design a large wall panel inspired by New York City that captures the spirit of Getting Away With It.

To mark the opening, Moxy Times Square is offering one global visual artist the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to have their work live on as part of the hotel’s art collection. The selected art piece will be printed onto two large mesh panels (116 inches x 120 feet each; 232 inches by 120 feet total design space) that will be hung from the ceiling along the atrium wall of the hotel that spans 14 stories and can be seen from several floors and vantage points inside the hotel.


We have created a typography with pink pipes which symbolize the interaction of the hotel guests. We also placed a dirty conversation between two naughty cats on the pipeline. The guests can read them when they look outside from the window easily. As a matter of fact, are not we all like naughty cats in this life?

Creative Direction
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