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Unilever – Neutral %0 – “It’s not a wall..”

Award Winner Design

Neutral is a leading Nordic brand for sensitive skin with a range of products across skin, face, baby and household (detergent, washing powder). All their products contain 0% of unnecessary ingredients like perfumes, parabens or colourants. It’s a favourite among young families, expectant mothers and people with sensitive skin in Scandinavia who want to look after their and their families skin. And now the brand is looking to take the UK by storm!

Every day our skin is unwittingly exposed to the effects of different products. This can often be a cosmetic or cleaning product.The methods used in production processes can make these products more attractive and extend their shelf life but can shorten the life span of your skin. Also, if you assume that you are constantly changing your product, it is inevitable that these products will transform your skin into a street wall.

In this communication design work, I would like to emphasize that your skin is more sensitive than you think. In addition to this, I also introduced the perception of “first to yourself, then to your child” as if you were traveling on an airplane.

I would also like to thank Neutral, who develops products with this sensitivity and thinks about our skin.

Stay with love and tenderness!

Creative Direction
Digital Advertising
Motion Graphics
%0 parabens colourants perfumes
%0 parabens colourants perfumes
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