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Visual artwork for O2 and War Child Brit’s Week Online Campaign

Award Winner Design

Every year thousands of children around the world get caught up in war, becoming innocent victims. The charity War Child has set out to protect, educate and stand up for their rights, and every year they host a week of music events in London together with telecommunications brand O2, to raise awareness and funds, as part of BRIT’s Week and the campaign #WearItForWarChild.

O2 and War Child are inviting artists from around the world to create visual artwork that captures the campaign line ‘#WearItForWarChild’. Your visuals simply have to capture the imaginations of people and inspire them to take part in the online campaign #WearItForWarChild – they should be positive, uplifting and encourage people to take part in a great and worthy cause.

Creative Direction


Probably Our most powerful weapon. Covering every evil with love.. dibbling hopes to it..I know that it will not be easy for them to survive traumas.But I know that if I can give them the love they need, they can be a person who will work for world peace.

In this communication design work, I tried to symbolize that the love can erase all bad memories easily. If we zip up the zipper (The War Children) with love, they can reach the peace all together.Stay with love for peaceful world!

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